The Food Bank recently received the following note from a woman who received food at one of The Food Bank's member agencies:

"My children and I are ever grateful for the help we received. We are finally thriving and would not have managed without the help of The Food Bank of L.F.C.
        With gratitude,
         Erica" [last name withheld] 

On November 5, 2013, The Food Bank received the following e-mail::

Hi Kate, Amy, Willie and all of your employees,
This e-mail is to thank you all for supplying us with so much foods to serve our clients.  We have been able to use all  the food brought to us and been able to at times cancel our milk order for two days out of the three days we get a delivery, which has saved the agency costs.  We have been able to cook food on the grill which saved us on a meal.  We serve snacks each night at 8:30 pm after dinner and the clients love the variety of sandwiches.  At times we have more clients for snacks than dinner.  All in all your support is appreciated by staff, board and clients.  Thanks again, we appreciate you all.
Velma Y. Clark
Residential Services Manager
Shelter for the Homeless


Thomas Steel Donates his Savings:

While sorting through donated food three years ago, The Food Bank's staff came across a plastic bag of change with the below hand written note. The pennies, dimes and quarters were Thomas Steel's "saveings." Several attempts were made to locate young Master Steel's mailing address, but without success so we have never been able to thank him. 

In awarding The Food Bank an $18,000 grant for the 2013/2014 fiscal year, the Assisting Individuals in Crisis Panel of the Greenwich United Way noted the following:

"The Panel acknowledges that the Food Bank provides services that address a very critical need in the community and continues to find ways to economize. Volunteers also noted the agency's forward-thinking in purchasing a generator. It may be of interest to know that the Food Bank is one of only five agencies [out of 24 granted funding] that did not receive a reduction in program funding this year."

In connection with the award of a $20,000 grant to The Food Bank for the 2013/14 fiscal year, an Agency Allocations Panel of The Community Fund of Darien made the following observations:

“The Food Bank provides food to its 90 member agencies located in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, and Wilton. They are the only food bank serving lower Fairfield County. In 2012 the Food Bank distributed over 2 million pounds of food to its agencies. These agencies then provided more than 2 million meals to persons living on incomes at or below the HUD guidelines for poverty. The Food Bank now has a refrigerated truck and continues to increase agency access to fresh produce and meats. Since purchasing the building they have occupied, the Food Bank has repaired the roof and the garage door. It has also obtained a generator to preserve fresh food in case of a power outage.

“We are impressed by the plan to update the Food Bank building by reconfiguring the warehouse to improve operational efficiency …. The Food Bank understands its agencies’ needs and preferences, and is successfully able to provide them with needed food.  * * *”